I'm Margo.

I'm a journalist & photographer

based in Seattle.

I cover news, business, human interest, art and lifestyle for newspapers and magazines and make documentary photography series.

Margo Vansynghel



I've been working as a staff and freelance reporter for web and print newspapers and magazines for over 9 years. People, what they do and make and how they make sense of things intrigue me. Which is why I loved reporting on 'Hillchurch', a 21st-century hipster church, writing about the advent of e-therapy and delving into why dessert tastes sweeter on a pink plate. I climbed 30-story, half-built towers to speak with (and photograph) construction workers about what it is like to build a boomtown without being able to live in it, was the first to report on new numbers detailing how buildings associated with minorities are less likely to get landmarked, plus I wrote a feature on homeowners mounting a last-ditch effort against upzoning


Art and literary criticism

Editing & editorial support

I love telling everyone what I think. About why minimalist abstraction can matter in 2018. Or why you should read George Saunders' 'Lincoln in The Bardo' or  Zadie Smith's 'Swing Time'. 

World-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz opened up about the death of her partner, Susan Sontag. I've also interviewed Wallpaper*-founder Tyler Brûlé, writers Colson Whitehead and Lindy West, plus comedian John Cleese.

I adore puns. Which is why I love making sure there's a new, catchy title for an article I've just edited, shortened and written a new intro for. 

I'm also good at

Speaking and writing in multiple languages, such as French, Dutch and English (and some Spanish and German, too). I can mix and edit audio and video. And check out my digital and analog photography work below. Or click here




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